Saptham Taila Safflower Oil

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Saptham Taila Safflower Oil


Safflower oil is a popular cooking oil that comes from the seeds of the safflower plant. Some research suggests it may have some health benefits when people use it in the diet and on the skin.

Safflower oil may be a more healthful option than olive oil when cooking at high temperatures, thanks to its high smoke point and neutral flavor.

Safflower oil offers a variety of potential benefits.

  1. Soothes dry skin
  2. Safe for cooking at high temperatures

Why Saptham Taila?

-Well bred seeds are sourced.
-Untouched by hands
-Hygiene environment
-Good manufacturing practices
-Unbleached, unrefined and 100% natural
-Ethically sourced, produces, packed & supplied.
-Clinically tested and approved.
-Vitamins and natural extracts are retained to the best.

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5 Litre, 1 Litre, 500ml, 250ml


Pet, glass

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