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Which is good - Saturated or Unsaturated fatty acids?

Unsaturated fats include polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fats. Both mono- and polyunsaturated fats, when eaten in moderation and used to replace saturated or trans fats, can help lower cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Ground nut oil contains 20% saturated 80% unsaturated. This is the best oil among all edible oil. Normally unsaturated oils are good for health, they don’t deposit in arteries. Saturated fat is bad but short ,medium chain saturated is good. Long chain is bad.

Coconut oil contains 90% saturated fat, 9% unsaturated. Earlier scientists believed saturated fat is bad. Now they devided saturated fat into 3 type, short, medium, long chain. Further discovered that coconut oil has medium chain and it is good for health.

Is your product hygiene?

At Saptham we follow Good Manufacturing Practices and ensure that our products are ethically sourced, produced, packed and supplied. We source high quality nuts and seeds, which are pesticide free and high on nutrients. Employs wear Aprons, gloves and mask while manufacturing. RO water is used for production.

What is Cold Pressed Oil?

Cold pressing refers to oils obtained through pressing fruit or seeds with a MARACHEKKU/GANA machine with out applying heat. Cold pressed oils retain all their flavour, aroma, and nutritional value, making these oils great for cooking and skin care requirements. It will be free from chemicals and preservatives.

Why should we avoid using Refined Oil?

Refined vegetable oil starts from the seeds of various plant sources. The process of making these oils is a highly intensive mechanical and chemical process. These oils are made using toxic chemicals. Consuming these oils can increase body inflammation, elevate blood triglycerides, and worsen an impaired insulin response. Consuming these oils has been linked to diabetes, cancer and heart disease in multiple studies.

The fats from plant seeds are polyunsaturated. Polyunsaturated denotes a chemical structure which allows them to remain in a fluid state at room temperature, but also makes them prone to rancidity when exposed to heat or light, a process called oxidation. The oxidation factor makes these oils more likely to break down into cancer-causing free radicals within the body.

In addition, many refined vegetable oils are also hydrogenated. This hydrogenation process makes them solid at room temperature so they can be sold as margarine and shortening. This hydrogenation process further damages the fatty acids in the oils, creating trans fatty acids, which are particularly dangerous to human health.

Are your products 100% Natural?

We at Saptham strive to amalgamate tradition with technology to bring you the best cold pressed edible oils. We source high quality nuts and seeds, which are pesticide free and high on nutrients.

Oil is extracted from these nuts and seeds using marachekku/gaana machine – the ancient way of extracting the oil using wood pressing method at room temperature.

Why should you switch to Cold Pressed Oil?

Because Cold Pressed Oils will provide a vital contribution to your healthier life:

  • They are cholesterol free
  • They are not refined, deodorized or processed in any way
  • They do not contain harmful solvent residues
  • Saptham Cold Pressed Oils contain no added chemicals or preservatives
  • They contain natural antioxidants such as tocopherols (e.g. Vitamin E) and phosphatides
  • The natural flavour and odour is retained, enhancing your favourite recipes.

What is special about Saptham Cold Pressed Oil?

At Saptham we strive to amalgamate tradition and technology. We produce edible oil just like the way it was done in the days of yore-100% cold pressed and natural oil is extracted from nuts and seeds using the Marachikku machine/gaana machine the ancient way of extracting oil using wood pressing method temperature.

Saptham cold pressed edible oil are unrefined, unbleached and 100% natural which helps retain all the nutrients promoting good health. Along with good manufacturing practices, at Saptham we ensure our products are ethically sourced packed and supplied.

Saptham welcomes the customers to visit the production unit and see how hygienically oil is produced from best raw materials.

How Refined oil is Extracted?

  1. After harvesting of the seed plants, the seeds are husked, cleaned, then crushed. The crushed seeds are heated and steamed to start the oil extraction process. A mechanical press is also used to apply high heat and friction to press the oil from the seed pulp.
  2. The resulting seed pulp and oil are washed in a hexane solvent bath and steamed again to squeeze out more oil.
  3. At this point, the seed/oil mixture is put through a centrifuge and phosphate is added to begin the separation of the oil and seed residues.

After solvent and centrifuge extraction, the crude oil is separated and the solvent is evaporated and recovered.

What will be the Shelf life of the Cold pressed oil?

Saptham cold pressed oil is freshly prepared using quality seeds with no preservatives. The shelf life of the cold pressed oil will be for six months from the date of manufacturing.

What are the different varieties of oil available in Saptham?

Saptham produces

  • Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
  • Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil
  • Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Cold Pressed Almond Oil
  • Cold Pressed Walnut Oil
  • Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

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