About Saptham

TAILA is an exclusive edible and essential oil brand of Saptham Food and Beverages. Manohar Iyer, the Founder CEO is an Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and an IT Professional with over 20 years of experience across various industry verticals. At TAILA a team of highly experienced professionals from Oil industry, Nutrition and Manufacturing Industries constantly strive to ensure quality oils are produced and catered to on a daily basis. All our edible oils are extracted at room temperature using the age old Wood Pressing method – a combination of tradition, technology and innovation. It is our constant endeavour to ensure consumers get hygienic, nutrient rich and best in class healthy edible and essential oils.

Why Saptham oil

Modern methods of oil extraction focus primarily to increase yield of oil from seeds thereby increasing profits.Some go to the extent of using really low grade, uncleaned, fungus infectedraw material bought in bulk at low prices. As per recent media reports and videos, we have seen how few oil manufacturers and wholesalers are adulterating edible and essential oils with blended Vegetable oil,Cotton Seed Oil, Mineral oil and Liquid Paraffin. This eventually gives rise to severe health issues of which some are irreversible and it is often difficult for consumers to identify good and bad oils.Modern methods of edible oil manufacturing like expeller/steam extraction method use lot of heat to extract oil from raw material,while some use chemical solvents like Hexanol (a petroleum product) to extract oil. Refined Edible Oils are a multistage process where the natural odour and color of oil is removed to make it more appealing to consumers and also to increase the shelf life of oils. Most of the nutrients are destroyed during this process and it is not recommended for human consumption at all. Should we say more that SAPTHAM TAILA Wood Pressed Oil Extraction uses no external heat, we use quality raw material and our extraction process is very hygienic and 100% chemical free and the final product is NUTRIENT RICH, the way it should have always been.


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